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In order to be considered for placement of a child as a potential adoptive family, you will need to complete the preparation requirements including training, background checks, a home study, and more.  Once you have completed the preparation process, you may be considered as a potential pre-adoptive placement for waiting children.  Families are selected for consideration based on characteristics that indicate they may be a good match for the waiting child and able to best meet that child’s individual needs.  For more information, or to initiate the preparation process, please call 1-888-25-ADOPT.

If you have completed the preparation process and have a current home study, additional information may be shared with you about the child at that time.  {Note:  For Indiana residents, your home study must have a recommendation from the DCS Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP) before you can be considered as a potential placement for a child. For more information about the SNAP recommendation process, please contact your regional SNAP Specialist or Licensed Child Placing Agency (LCPA) representative.}

To see children available for adoption in Indiana, please click on the link below.  There you will find Indiana’s internet photo listing of children and sibling groups available for adoption.  In addition to the photos you will find a brief synopsis about each youth’s strengths, interests, and hobbies.

When you see a child or sibling group that you are interested in learning more about, please click the “Make an Inquiry” button, fill out the form, and then submit it.  Your inquiry will then be sent a SNAP Specialist, and your information is then forwarded to the appropriate contact for the child.

To meet Indiana’s waiting children, please visithttp://www.adoptuskids.org/states/in/browse.aspx.

Listen to real foster children’s adoption stories from Indiana adoptive parents

“Foster kids are in the system because something happened in their life that wasn’t supposed to…(foster care) has an assumption built in that it is temporary…(adoption tells kids) ‘you matter here; I’m yours and you’re mine.’”

–Bill Johnson, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Bill and Camilla Johnson are the proud parents of three daughters ages 9, 13 and 15.)

Click to hear Bill.

“(Adoption) provides stability…helps a child overcome past obstacles…and have a sense of belonging that someone really does care about them…”

–Nicole Bishop, La Porte, Indiana (Nicole and Patrick Bishop are the proud parents of a 6-year-old son.)

Click to hear Nicole